Bluetooth Generic Attributes

Generic Attribute Profile (GATT) is built on top of the Attribute Protocol (ATT) and establishes common operations and a framework for the data transported and stored by the Attribute Protocol.  For more information on GATT, please refer to Volume 0, Section 6 of the Bluetooth Core Specification.

The documents in the “Informative document showing changes” column are provided as a courtesy to help readers identify changes between two versions of a Bluetooth specification. When implementing specifications, use the adopted versions in the “Adopted Version” column.

Profile SpecificationVersionStatusAdoption DateInformative document showing changes
ANPAlert Notification Profile1.0Active13 Sep 2011N/A
ANSAlert Notification Service1.0Active13 Sep 2011N/A
AIOPAutomation IO Profile1.0Active14 Jul 2015N/A
AIOSAutomation IO Service1.0Active14 Jul 2015N/A
BASBattery Service1.0Active27 Dec 2011N/A
BCSBody Composition Service1.0Active21 Oct 2014N/A
BLPBlood Pressure Profile1.0.1Active21 Jan 2019BLP_1.0.1_showing_changes_from_BLP_1.0.0
BLSBlood Pressure Service1.0Active25 Oct 2011N/A
BMSBond Management Service1.0Active21 Oct 2014N/A
BSPBinary Sensor Profile1.0Active02 Jul 2019N/A
BSSBinary Sensor Service1.0Active02 Jul 2019N/A
CGMPContinuous Glucose Monitoring Profile1.0.1Active15 Dec 2015N/A
CGMSContinuous Glucose Monitoring Service1.0.1Active15 Dec 2015N/A
CPPCycling Power Profile1.1Active03 May 2016N/A
CPSCycling Power Service1.1Active03 May 2016N/A
CSCPCycling Speed and Cadence Profile1.0Active21 Aug 2012N/A
CSCSCycling Speed and Cadence Service1.0Active21 Aug 2012N/A
CTSCurrent Time Service1.1Active07 Oct 2014N/A
DISDevice Information Service1.1Active29 Nov 2011N/A
EMPEmergency Profile1.0Active02 Jul 2019N/A
EMCSEmergency Configuration Service1.0Active 02 Jul 2019N/A
ESPEnvironmental Sensing Profile1.0Active18 Nov 2014N/A
ESSEnvironmental Sensing Service1.0Active18 Nov 2014N/A
FMPFind Me Profile1.0Active21 Jun 2011N/A
FTMPFitness Machine Profile1.0Active14 Feb 2017N/A
FTMSFitness Machine Service1.0Active14 Feb 2017N/A
GSSGATT Specification Supplement1.0Active12 Jul 2017N/A
GLPGlucose Profile1.0Active10 Apr 2012N/A
GLSGlucose Service1.0Active10 Apr 2012N/A
HIDSHID Service1.0Active27 Dec 2011N/A
HOGPHID over GATT Profile1.0Active27 Dec 2011N/A
HPSHTTP Proxy Service1.0Active06 Oct 2015N/A
HRPHeart Rate Profile1.0Active12 Jul 2011N/A
HRSHeart Rate Service1.0Active12 Jul 2011N/A
HTPHealth Thermometer Profile1.0Active24 May 2011N/A
HTSHealth Thermometer Service1.0Active24 May 2011N/A
IASImmediate Alert Service1.0Active21 Jun 2011N/A
IDPInsulin Delivery Profile1.0Active24 Jul 2018N/A
IDSInsulin Delivery Service1.0Active24 Jul 2018N/A
IPSIndoor Positioning Service1.0Active19 May 2015N/A
IPSPInternet Protocol Support Profile1.0Active16 Dec 2014N/A
LLSLink Loss Service1.0.1Active14 Jul 2015N/A
LNPLocation and Navigation Profile1.0Active30 Apr 2013N/A
LNSLocation and Navigation Service1.0Active30 Apr 2013N/A
NDCSNext DST Change Service1.0Active13 Sep 2011N/A
OTPObject Transfer Profile1.0Active17 Nov 2015N/A
OTSObject Transfer Service1.0Active17 Nov 2015N/A
PASPPhone Alert Status Profile1.0Active13 Sep 2011N/A
PASSPhone Alert Status Service1.0Active13 Sep 2011N/A
PXPProximity Profile1.0.1Active14 Jul 2015N/A
PLXPPulse Oximeter Profile1.0Active14 Jul 2015N/A
PLXSPulse Oximeter Service1.0Active14 Jul 2015N/A
RCPReconnection Configuration Profile1.0Active05 Dec 2017N/A
RCSReconnection Configuration Service1.0Active05 Dec 2017N/A
RSCPRunning Speed and Cadence Profile1.0Active07 Aug 2012N/A
RSCSRunning Speed and Cadence Service1.0Active07 Aug 2012N/A
RTUSReference Time Update Service1.0Active13 Sep 2011N/A
ScPPScan Parameters Profile1.0Active27 Dec 2011N/A
ScPSScan Parameters Service1.0Active27 Dec 2011N/A
TDSTransport Discovery Service1.0Active17 Nov 2015N/A
TIPTime Profile1.0Active13 Sep 2011N/A
TPSTx Power Service1.0Active21 Jun 2011N/A
UDSUser Data Service1.1Active15 Oct 2019UDS_1.1_showing_changes_from_UDS_1.0
WSPWeight Scale Profile1.0Active21 Oct 2014N/A
WSSWeight Scale Service1.0Active21 Oct 2014N/A

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