Support services for completing the Bluetooth Qualification Process

Bluetooth® Qualification Consultants are independent consultants who have met certain requirements and are permitted to call themselves “Bluetooth Qualification Consultants” when they assist members with submission of their products for qualification. Members may, but are not required to, engage Bluetooth Qualification Consultants to provide qualification-related services.

If you have worked with or plan on working with a consultant, you could go here to learn more about how to use a Bluetooth Qualification Consultant.

Each Bluetooth Qualification Consultant must satisfy all program requirements, including passing an exam designed to assess their understanding of the Bluetooth Qualification Process.

Bluetooth Qualification Consultants are not employed by or representatives of Bluetooth SIG.  Each member who decides to engage a Bluetooth Qualification Consultant is responsible for establishing the terms of its relationship with the Bluetooth Qualification Consultant, including with respect to payment and scope of services. Examples of services that a Bluetooth Qualification Consultant might provide are:

  • Checking products against qualification requirements (including testing requirements)
  • Reviewing product test reports
  • Assisting members with completing the qualification process, including product listings

Interested in becoming a Bluetooth Qualification Consultant? Click the “Learn more about applying for the program” button for more information about the application process, and to submit an application.

Learn more about applying for the program

Current Bluetooth Qualification Consultants

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