Scalable, Reliable, and Secure Mesh Networking

Bluetooth® Mesh is ideally suited for control, monitoring, and automation systems where hundreds or thousands of devices need to communicate with one another. Bluetooth Mesh was designed to meet the strict requirements of commercial and industrial environments where ease of deployment, performance, and security are of the utmost importance. Networked lighting control is one use case that has rapidly embraced Bluetooth Mesh technology.

Why Choose Bluetooth® Mesh?

Ease of Deployment

With Bluetooth® technology native in 100 percent of smartphones and tablets, installers can use commissioning apps that communicate directly with nodes on a Bluetooth® Mesh network, eliminating the need for specialized engineering expertise or internet and cloud platforms to support installation and operation of the system. In addition, a remote provisioning feature makes adding new devices or changing existing devices even easier.

Reliable & Scalable Performance

Bluetooth® Mesh was specifically designed with large-scale wireless network deployments in mind. Three key features help separate Bluetooth® Mesh from other wireless networking technologies and provide the resiliency needed by installers, building managers, and end users in commercial and industrial installations.

  • Control systems based on Bluetooth® Mesh do not require centralized controllers, as intelligence is distributed to all end devices. A decentralized control architecture enables systems to achieve significantly greater scale, reliability, and performance, at lower costs
  • A unique publish/subscribe message addressing approach significantly lowers messaging traffic on the network, leading to greater network scale and performance
  • Bluetooth® Mesh offers multiple options for message relay. Managed Flood provides reliable, multi-path messaging over multiple hops. Directed Forwarding increases scalability and can improve messaging efficiency in the most complex, large-scale mesh networks

2004 Security Icons Specifications Blue R2

Mandatory Multi-level Security

Bluetooth® Mesh is designed with security as a top priority and provides industrial-grade security for protection against all known attacks.

  • Comprehensive security that covers the entire network of devices and various groupings of devices is mandatory
  • Additional features are available to further enhance security and network device privacy
  • The Bluetooth® Mesh security architecture is open and available for public review

Examine how Bluetooth Mesh standardizes deployment and maintenance of device firmware across the network

Discover how Remote Provisioning makes it easier to provision new devices across the network saving valuable time and money

Understand how to increase security and enable bulk device onboarding by adding certificates to the device provisioning process

Learn how to improve Bluetooth Mesh network security and privacy with private beacons

This paper reviews the feature that makes communication between devices in different subnets possible

Explore how Direct Forwarding can increase Bluetooth Mesh network scalability and improves messaging efficiency


Bluetooth® Networked Lighting Control

Learn how the only full-stack standard for wireless lighting control will enable true multi-vendor interoperability and mass adoption of wireless lighting control.


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