Telephony and Media Audio Profile 1.0 Adopted

This profile defines the set of Bluetooth features collectively referred to as the Telephony and Media Audio Profile (TMAP). This profile enables these features by specifying interoperable configurations of the lower-level audio services and profiles.

Members have access to an HTML format of this specification enhanced with links to other LE Audio specifications. To access this alternate format, click “HTML with cross-spec linking” below.

The entire collection of cross-linked LE Audio specifications is available at the LE Audio specifications integrated experience site.

Related Resource(s): Low Energy Audio – Incoming Call Over Media (Multi-Device)

Telephony and Media Audio Profile 1.0 HTML with cross-spec linking    | PDF
Test Suite (TS) PDF
Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) PDF
Implementation Extra Information for Test (IXIT) XLS
Test Case Reference List (TCRL) ZIP
Cross Correlation Python Scripts ZIP
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