Protecting all members by ensuring proper Bluetooth product qualification

The Trademark License Enforcement Program protects all Bluetooth SIG members by ensuring Bluetooth® products are properly qualified. The program monitors the market and performs monthly audits to ensure that Bluetooth products are being sold by member companies that have successfully completed the Bluetooth Qualification Process.

It is important to note that customs officials use the Bluetooth SIG’s Bluetooth Products Database to verify if a product using Bluetooth technology has completed the Bluetooth Qualification Process. If customs officials are unable to locate a product in the database, customs may seize the product.

The Bluetooth Products Database is also used by distributors and online retailers. If online retailers or Bluetooth SIG is unable to locate a product in the qualification database that product may be removed from the online retailer.

Bluetooth SIG members are a major source of information for this program by reporting violations. If you suspect a product is in violation, you may report that here.

NOTE: The Bluetooth SIG Board of Directors approved an update to the Trademark License Enforcement Policy effective on 1 March 2023.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don’t qualify my product?

If you do not qualify your product, you become subject to enforcement action. Read the updated policy here where we outline the escalation schedule. If no corrective actions are taken, your Bluetooth SIG membership could be suspended or revoked.

If you are a retailer or supplier who is simply selling or distributing another company’s Bluetooth product and you are not branding or representing the product as your own, you do not need to qualify the product.


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