Help us promote Bluetooth technology
and your company at the same time!

The Bluetooth SIG now has a community of over 38,000 member companies that continually drive innovation and create entirely new markets using Bluetooth® technology. The Member Promotion Program is designed to offer Bluetooth SIG member companies a variety of opportunities to participate in SIG marketing efforts. Not only does the Member Promotion Program support the SIG in the general promotion of Bluetooth technology, but it also serves as a way for our members to amplify their own marketing efforts.

You may view the general program guidelines and elements of the program.

Interested in participating in the program? Visit the Bluetooth SIG Marketing Hub and gain visibility into upcoming Bluetooth SIG marketing plans, find opportunities to participate in our marketing campaigns, and download resources you can use for your member company material. 

Our Reach

Member content featured throughout Bluetooth SIG website

200,000 visitors/mo

Member guest blogs and Q&As posted to Bluetooth blog

30,000 views/mo

Resource Center
Member content posted in Bluetooth SIG resource center

5,000 downloads/mo

Member referrals in Bluetooth SIG briefing activity

150 briefings/yr

Participate in Bluetooth SIG speaking engagements

Approximately 100/year

Member participation in Bluetooth SIG promotional events

Approximately 30/year

Send member content to Bluetooth SIG database

60,000 subscribers

Post member activity on Bluetooth SIG social networks

Over 300,000 followers

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