Core Specification Addendum 3r2 Withdrawn

This addendum provides an optional update to the Bluetooth® Core Specification. When the addendum is applied to an allowed Core Specification, the following parts of the specification shall be replaced, added, or appended with the revised versions:
  • Volume 1, Part D: Mixing of Specification Versions
  • Volume 2, Part E: Host Controller Interface
    • Coexistence Signaling (HCI)
  • Volume 3, Part C: Generic Access Profile
    • GAP Connection Parameters
    • GAP Authentication and Lost Bond
    • Private Addressing
    • Dual Mode Addressing
  • Volume 3, Part F: Attribute Protocol
    • Common Profile
    • Service Error Code Range Change
  • Volume 7, Part A: Coexistence Signaling (Logical)
  • Volume 7, Part B: Wireless Coexistence Interface (WCI-1) Transport Specification
  • Volume 7, Part C: Wireless Coexistence Interface (WCI-2) Transport Specification
  • Low Energy Errata
  • Revision 2 Explanation:
    • Republished CSA3 on 19 September 2012 to add Disclaimer and Copyright
    • Notice and correct incorporation of adopted erratum 4139.
Core Specification Addendum 3r2 PDF
Errata Service Release (ESR) 08 PDF
Errata Service Release (ESR) 11 ZIP
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