Hands-Free Profile 1.5.1 Withdrawn

The Hands-Free Profile (HFP) 1.5 specification defines the minimum set of functions such that a Mobile Phone can be used in conjunction with a Hands-Free device (e.g. installed in the car or represented by a wearable device such as a headset), with a Bluetooth® Link providing a wireless means for both remote control of the Mobile Phone by the Hands-Free device and voice connections between the Mobile Phone and the Hands-Free device.

Compliance with this specification assures interoperability between a Bluetooth enabled Hands-Free device and any Bluetooth equipped Mobile Phone supporting this profile.

Hands-Free Profile 1.5.1 PDF
Test Suite (TS) PDF
Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) PDF
Implementation Extra Information for Test (IXIT) XLS
Test Case Reference List (TCRL) ZIP
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