Guiding the Bluetooth SIG and Bluetooth Wireless Technology

The Board of Directors is the oversight and steering group for the Bluetooth SIG. The board is composed of one representative from each Promoter member company, plus Associate Member Directors (AMD) who serve a two-year term. For more detailed group information, visit the Board of Directors landing page.

The board meets face-to-face once per quarter and via phone twice per month. If you would like to see the details of all the board minutes, please visit our board minutes archive.

Toby Nixon

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Senior Standards Program Manager, Windows and Devices Group​
Microsoft Corporation

Robert D. Hughes

Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors

Director of Bluetooth Standards​
Intel Corporation

Brian Tucker

Director, Wireless Engineering

Peter Liu

Architect, Wearable Systems​
Bose Corporation

Magnus Olsson

Standards Management, Group Function Technology​
Ericsson AB

Martin Turon

Wireless Architect​

Shkumbin Hamiti

 Nokia Technologies

Ruud van Bokhorst

Standards & Regulations
 Signify Netherlands

Katsumi Adachi, Ph.D.

Chief Specialist, Center for Semiconductor Research & Development, Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company​
Toshiba Corporation


The Bluetooth SIG welcomes all ideas and topics members wish to address. Please feel free to send your comments and ideas on strategy, vision and policy here.