Common Audio Profile 1.0 Adopted

Common Audio Profile (CAP) specifies procedures to start, update, and stop unicast and broadcast Audio Streams on individual or groups of devices using procedures in the Basic Audio Profile (BAP). This profile specifies procedures to control volume and device input on groups of devices using procedures in the Volume Control Profile (VCP) and the Microphone Control Profile (MICP). This profile specification also refers to the Common Audio Service (CAS).

Errata Correction 18665 and Errata Correction 18898 are mandatory when claiming compliance to Common Audio Profile 1.0.

Common Audio Profile 1.0 PDF
Test Suite (TS) PDF
Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) PDF
Implementation Extra Information for Test (IXIT) XLS
Test Case Reference List (TCRL) ZIP
Errata Correction 18665: Compatible Core Specification PDF
Errata Correction 18898: Cross-Transport Key Derivation Requirements PDF
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