Are you ready to develop with blue?

If you’re ready to develop a Bluetooth® product, we can get you started with information and resources that will make the job of building with Bluetooth wireless technology faster and easier. The SIG provides a number of educational kitsvideos, and webinars designed to help developers quickly learn the basics. There are also forums available to engage with the broader developer community, as well as other member companies ready to help.

Why do developers choose Bluetooth?

Bluetooth wireless connectivity is easy to implement and can help you achieve mass market adoption. Backed by a proven record of market creation, technology innovation and global leadership, Bluetooth sets the standard for wireless connectivity.​

Mass market ready

When bringing your product to market, it’s important you choose a wireless technology that helps you reach your mass market potential, not hinder it.

With Bluetooth, you get:

  • Global brand awareness: Knowing a product includes Bluetooth positively impacts customer purchasing decisions. Bluetooth is a trusted brand with more than 90% global awareness.
  • Global installed base: Bluetooth is already embedded in all smartphones, tablets and laptops, giving you an easy, fast path to new product and service adoption.​
  • Global interoperability: To reach mass-market success, consumers need to know your product works with products from other vendors. Bluetooth delivers the specifications, tools and processes you need to ensure multi-vendor interoperability.

Ease of development

You don’t have to be a wireless expert to add wireless connectivity to your products. Bluetooth technology is easy to implement, allowing you to focus on your product’s value add.

  • Full stack solution: Bluetooth technology is a fully specified connectivity solution, from low-level radio to high-level service definition. This enables you to focus on being a product developer, not a wireless developer.​
  • Best fit-for-purpose: Bluetooth provides complete wireless connectivity services, not just wireless transport. It’s by far the easiest technology to implement for streaming audio, transferring data and broadcasting information between devices.
  • Mature ecosystem: Over the last 20 years, a cultivation of wireless innovation has grown around Bluetooth. As a result, you can easily find the best enabling technology at the right cost while accessing the development and test tools and services you need to bring your product to market.​

Vibrant community

Selecting the right wireless connectivity technology can influence the success of your product. It’s important you understand the community that stands behind it and what they’ve accomplished.

  • Global leadership: With more than 31,000 Bluetooth member companies introducing over 17,000 thousand new products per year and shipping more than 3.4 billion units each year, no other low-power wireless technology comes close to reaching the market success of Bluetooth.
  • Track record of innovation: Bluetooth member companies collaborate to continually advance the technology. More than 2,300 people involved in over 15 different working groups continue to deliver new capabilities, such as recent speed, range and broadcast data improvements added with Bluetooth 5, as well as the introduction of mesh networking.​
  • Track record of market creation: Member companies use Bluetooth technology to create entirely new global markets, including the wireless audio market with over 575 million units sold in 2016, the connected device market with more than 640 million units sold in 2016, and the beacon market, which is soon expected to reach over 200 million units per year.