Are you ready to develop with Bluetooth?

If you’re ready to develop a Bluetooth® product, we can get you started with information and resources that will make the job of building with Bluetooth wireless technology faster and easier.

Study Guides

The Bluetooth SIG provides Study Guides designed to help developers get up to speed quickly on various Bluetooth capabilities.

The Bluetooth® Low Energy Primer

Are you new to Bluetooth Low Energy? Learn about its constituent parts, features, and how it works.

Bluetooth® Technology for Linux Developers

Learn how to use the interprocess communication system D-Bus and the BlueZ APIs to create Bluetooth applications for Linux computers.

Designing and Developing Bluetooth® Internet Gateways

Learn about Bluetooth internet gateways, how to make them secure and scalable, and design and implement your own working prototype gateway and web application for use with either Bluetooth LE Peripherals or with Bluetooth mesh networks.

Training Videos

These videos will help you gain a deeper understanding of Bluetooth technology.

Everything You Need to Know About Bluetooth 5.4

Bluetooth 5.4 introduces support for bi-directional, large-scale, one-to-many networking, driven by wireless standardization needs…

Bluetooth Development Training: Works With 2022

The role Bluetooth has played, and will continue to play, in the evolution of IoT…

Bluetooth Direction Finding Training

This training video explains how Bluetooth direction finding brings a new dimension to indoor…

Bluetooth Brand Use Quick Tips and Tricks

Watch this brief video for some quick tips about how to use the Bluetooth…

Hands-On Debug of an LE Audio Stream

Join Ellisys for a 30-minute informative webinar to learn about Bluetooth LE Audio and…

High Accuracy Distance Measurement Demo For Keyless Entry Systems

In this technology demo Lambda:4 shows their phase based ranging with a standard Bluetooth…

Bluetooth Mesh for Building Automation Demo

Discover how you can extend Bluetooth connectivity with TI Bluetooth Mesh in this demo. …

A Technical Overview of LC3

An in depth look inside the Low Complexity Communications Codec (LC3) and the benefits…

Car Access With TI Connection Monitor

Learn how the TI Connection Monitor is used to monitor Bluetooth Low Energy communications…

What’s New in Core Spec Version 5.2

Watch this technical overview of the new features introduced in version 5.2 of the…

5 Things You Don’t Know About Bluetooth Range

From frequency hopping to forward error correction, watch Mohammad Afaneh share some things you…

Intro to Bluetooth Addresses and Privacy

Learn about Bluetooth Addresses and the role they play in protecting the privacy of…

Intro to Bluetooth Low Energy Coded PHY

Learn more about one of the key features introduced to Bluetooth — the LE…

Intro to Web Bluetooth

Web Bluetooth is an exciting new advancement in Bluetooth Low Energy development. Watch to…

Intro to Bluetooth Beacons

Learn more about the most popular BLE application — Bluetooth Beacons. Topics covered in…

Intro to Bluetooth Direction Finding

Learn about the most important feature introduced in the latest version of the Bluetooth…

Intro to New Features in Bluetooth Core Specification v5.1

Learn what’s new in the most recent release of the Bluetooth core specification. Topics…

Intro to Bluetooth Mesh – Part 3

This video goes over the provisioning process and security for Bluetooth mesh.

Technical Overviews

The Bluetooth SIG makes available overview papers on the latest advancements to Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth® Mesh Feature Enhancements Summary

This paper summarizes the recent Bluetooth® Mesh feature enhancements and provides references to other…

Bluetooth® Mesh Subnet Bridging - Technical Overview

This paper examines subnet bridging, a new feature introduced in the Bluetooth® Mesh protocol…

Bluetooth® Mesh Remote Provisioning - Technical Overview

This paper provides an overview of remote provisioning, a new Bluetooth® Mesh feature that…

Bluetooth® Mesh Private Beacons - Technical Overview

This paper examines private beacons, a type of beacon that can be used to…

Bluetooth® Mesh Directed Forwarding - Technical Overview

This paper provides an overview of directed forwarding, a new Bluetooth® Mesh feature that…

Bluetooth® Mesh Device Firmware Update - Technical Overview

This paper examines the new device firmware update (DFU) feature of Bluetooth® Mesh that…


Bluetooth® Low Energy – Regulatory Aspects Document (RAD)

This informational document is for technology professionals working to bring Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) products to market. The document provides guidance and supporting information relating to Bluetooth LE technology and the Bluetooth SIG’s understanding of RF regulations in various geographic regions.


White Papers

Bluetooth SIG Working Groups occasionally release White Papers that provide additional guidance to developers.

Specification Developer Guide for Transport Discovery Service

A guide for developing profiles or higher level specifications which reference and make use of the Bluetooth Transport Discovery Service (TDS).

Personal Health Devices Transcoding

Learn how data sent by a Bluetooth Sensor based on GATT and received by a Collector can be transcoded at the Collector into an IEEE Std. 11073-20601a compatible nomenclature and model.

Internet Gateways

Discover various options available to create Internet Gateways for Bluetooth Low Energy Devices.


A RESTful API used to access data in devices using the functionality defined in the Bluetooth GATT profile.

GAP REST API White Paper

Internet Working Group A RESTful API used to administer connections between devices featuring Bluetooth Low Energy technology and a Gateway.

Improving A2DP Audio Quality

Learn how to configure A2DP SRC and SNK devices to produce high quality audio.

SAP and Remote Network Access

Uncover how the SIM Access Profile (SAP) allows a Bluetooth enabled device to access data contained in the SIM card of another Bluetooth enabled device.

Filter Recommendations for Coexistence with LTE and WiMAX

Discover how to enable simultaneous operation of Bluetooth wireless technology and collocated Mobile Wireless Standards (MWS) systems such as LTE and WiMAX. 

Health Device Profile Implementation Guidance

Get examples and best practices regarding how the Bluetooth Health Device Profile, the ISO/IEEE 11073-20601 Personal Health Data Exchange Protocol, and the associated 11073-104xx device specialization specifications can be implemented together.


Learn how to use SDP and EIR for passing device and service information from one device to another to develop service discovery applications.

Sniff and Sniff-Subrating Modes

Discover how to use the Sniff and Sniff-Subrating modes to provide an effective means to reduce the power consumed by a pair of connected Bluetooth devices.

Product Testing Events

Test your Bluetooth technology products against other unreleased and unannounced products and prototypes coming soon. UPFs are nonprofit interoperability testing events the Bluetooth SIG offers as an added benefit to members. Interoperability of Bluetooth products on the market is critical to the success of the technology so we work very hard to make sure everything just “works” for consumers. 

Developer Forums

Have a question about developing with Bluetooth? Find answers on a forum. With over 50 million visits per month, the Stack Overflow community does a tremendous job helping each other. Please use the links below to ask questions or follow the discussions:

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