Phone Book Access Profile 1.2.3 Adopted

The Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP) specification defines the procedures and protocols to exchange Phone Book objects between devices. It is especially tailored for the automotive Hands-Free use case where an onboard terminal device (typically a Car-Kit installed in the car) retrieves Phone Book objects from a mobile device (typically a mobile phone or an embedded phone). This profile may also be used by any client device that requires access to Phone Book objects stored in a server device.

Errata Correction 23224 is mandatory when claiming compliance to Phone Book Access Profile 1.2.3.


Phone Book Access Profile 1.2.3 PDF
Test Suite (TS) PDF
Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) PDF
Implementation Extra Information for Test (IXIT) XLS
Test Case Reference List (TCRL) ZIP
Errata Correction 23224: Update Conformance Section PDF
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