Keep up to date with Errata

Errata Service Releases (ESR) are documents containing a list of errata that identify corrections to Bluetooth® specifications, including the Core Specification, profile specifications, and service specifications. An ESR document provides corrections since each specification was last adopted. Errata Service Releases are reviewed by the Bluetooth SIG Working Groups, approved by the Bluetooth Architectural Review Board, and adopted by the Board of Directors. To ensure interoperability of devices, members are encouraged to implement these adopted errata. Errata contained within an ESR may be selectively implemented, except where dependency among errata is expressly indicated.

Adopted Errata Service Releases

Release Adopted Date Notes
Erratum 10395 16 July 2018 Mandatory when claiming compliance to Mesh Profile v1.0 and later
Erratum 10734 16 July 2018 Mandatory when claiming compliance to BR/EDR Secure Simple Pairing or LE Secure Connections
ESR11 19 December 2017
ESR10 06 December 2016
ESR09 15 December 2015
ESR08 ​02 December 2014
ESR07 ​03 December 2013
Erratum 5256 ​22 October 2013 ​Mandatory when claiming compliance to 3DS Synchronization Profile v1.0
ESR06 04 December 2012
Erratum 4656 07 February 2012 Mandatory when claiming compliance to v2.0 + EDR and later
ESR05 23 August 2011 ​​
ESR04 18 December 2008
ESR03 06 February 2008
Erratum 747 25 November 2005 Enabling Boot Mode Only (HID Lite) Hosts
ESR02 21 June 2005
ESR01 25 August 2003