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All products that use Bluetooth technology must complete the product qualification process. It ensures global interoperability and further strengthens the Bluetooth brand.

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04. Brand

You’ve qualified your Bluetooth product. Now what? It’s time to make sure it’s properly branded.

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Bluetooth® technology stripped away the hassle of wires on headphones, speakers, and more, revolutionizing…

Bluetooth Talks 2021 - Episode 2

EP2 音频传输-致真无线耳机发烧友们: 一定不能错过的蓝牙低功耗音频 作为蓝牙四大解决方案之一,音频传输赋能了我们日常生活的许多工具。Bose,索尼,苹果等大厂商的真无线耳机产品都使用了蓝牙技术。根据《2021蓝牙市场最新资讯》,蓝牙音频传输设备年出货量已达到11亿台。那么,蓝牙音频传输解决方案有怎样的市场整体趋势? LE Audio技术又会怎样驱动未来呢?请观看本期视频。 EP2オーディオストリーミング 完全ワイヤレスイヤホンの熱狂ファンなら、絶対見逃してはいけないBluetooth LE Audio オーディオストリーミングは4つのソリューション分野の一つで、我々が普段使っている多くのデバイスに活用されています。Bose、Sony、Appleなどのブランドがリリースした完全ワイヤレスイヤホンにはBluetooth技術が搭載されています。≪Bluetooth 市場動向 2021≫によると、Bluetoothオーディオストリーミングデバイスの年間出荷台数は11億台に達しました。Bluetoothオーディオストリーミング分野の最新市場動向、そしてLE Audio技術は未来にどう影響を与えるか興味をお持ちの方は、ぜひ今回の動画をご覧ください。 Audio…

Bluetooth Talks 2021 - Episode 1

EP1 概要 Bluetooth技術は20年以上進化を続けてきました。Bluetoothはもちろんイヤホンだけではないですよ! Bluetooth技術は20年以上進化を続けてきました。Bluetooth技術は様々な場面で応用されるようになり、人々の日常生活に浸透しています。Bluetooth技術は4つのソリューション分野において各種市場ニーズに応え、グローバル市場でシェアを拡大してきました。皆さんはBluetoothソリューションについてどれほどご存じでしょうか?昨年のコロナ禍の影響、そして今後の市場ニーズはどこにあるのか、について気になりませんか?ぜひこの新しいシリーズ≪ Bluetoothイノベーション2021≫の動画をご覧ください。 EP1 概览-蓝牙发展20年,你是否只知道蓝牙耳机? 历经20余年的发展,蓝牙技术已衍生出多样的应用,全面融入人们的日常生活。在四大主要解决方案的助力下,蓝牙技术已拥有了庞大且稳定的全球市场。然而,你是否真的了解这些蓝牙解决方案呢,是否好奇蓝牙装置在去年疫情下的市场表现如何?未来的商机在哪?请观看我们的全新节目《蓝牙创新说2021》。 20 years on, are Bluetooth® headsets still…

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Bluetooth® Core Specification Version 5.3 Feature Enhancements

Bluetooth® Core Specification version 5.3 includes several feature enhancements with the potential to improve…

WA Notify app prevents thousands of COVID-19 cases, UW study finds

A study by researchers at the UW School of Public Health and the Washington State Department…

Sub-metre accuracy claimed for indoor Bluetooth positioning kits

U-blox is claiming sub-metre indoor accuracy with development kits for Bluetooth direction-finding and positioning.

Luminaire Level Lighting Controls and the Future of Healthy Buildings

As we build back from the pandemic, the building industry is rethinking how we…

Building Automation: Achieving Energy Savings of Over 90 Percent With Smart Lighting Sensors and Bluetooth Mesh

Intelligent sensors are becoming increasingly important in building technology. Modern sensor technology with high-performance…

SmartShepherd Improves Scalability For Their Smart Farming IoT Applications With Cassia’s Bluetooth Gateways

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State-Of-The-Art Smart Lighting In A Peace-Of-Mind Package

Retrofitting an energy efficient lighting scheme can involve a lot of upheaval and, with…

Designing and Developing Bluetooth® Internet Gateways

Learn about Bluetooth internet gateways, how to make them secure and scalable, and design and implement your own working prototype gateway and web application for use with either Bluetooth LE Peripherals or with Bluetooth mesh networks.

How to Deploy BlueZ on a Raspberry Pi Board as a Bluetooth Mesh Provisioner

This step-by-step study guide will teach you: How to rebuild the kernel on a…

The Bluetooth LE Security Study Guide

Learn about fundamental security concepts, the security features of Bluetooth Low Energy, and gain some hands-on experience using those features in device code.

Bluetooth Location Services

See 8 use cases for enhancing building efficiencies and creating a better visitor experience, discover new data that supports the latest trends and forecasts, and find out what’s driving the rapid adoption of location services solutions.

Lighting as a Platform

See how connected lighting systems are being used as a platform to enable advanced building services like wayfinding, asset tracking, and space utilization to improve the ROI of smart building investments.

Build a Smarter Building with Blue

See how Bluetooth increases reliability, reduces costs, and enhances your smart building ROI.

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More than just a radio, Bluetooth technology provides full stack, fit-for-purpose solutions aimed at addressing specific connectivity needs.

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