Bluetooth LE: Point-to-Point

Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) enables short-burst wireless connections and uses multiple network topologies, including point-to-point (P2P) topology for one-to-one (1:1) device communications. Bluetooth LE P2P optimizes data transfers and is ideal for connected device products, such as fitness trackers and health monitors.

Sample Markets

Sports & fitness

Bluetooth LE provides data transfers with low power consumption, making it possible to equip all types of sports and fitness equipment with wireless connectivity. Today, Bluetooth solutions span from basic fitness tracking to sophisticated devices that help fine tune the performance of professional athletes.

Health & wellness

From toothbrushes and blood pressure monitors to portable ultrasound and x-ray imaging systems, Bluetooth technology helps people track and improve their overall wellbeing while making it easier for healthcare professionals to provide quality care.

PC peripherals & accessories

A driving force behind Bluetooth is freeing you from wires. From laptops to smartphones, the devices you interface with each day rapidly evolve. Whether it’s a keyboard, trackpad, or mouse, thanks to Bluetooth, you no longer need wires to stay connected.