Connected Device

The Internet of Everything.

Bluetooth® Low Energy powers the connected device market.

From common everyday household items to health and wellness devices that are changing the face of healthcare, Bluetooth is the common thread across the most innovative wireless startups and solutions.

By connecting billions of everyday devices and enabling the invention of countless more, Bluetooth technology is helping transform the IoT vision into reality.

Key Use Cases

Sports & Fitness

Bluetooth is responsible for enabling wearables like fitness trackers and smart watches that are showing up on wrists everywhere to monitor steps, exercise, activity, and sleep. These devices track fitness levels and athletic performance and use Bluetooth technology to communicate that information in real-time to athletes, coaches, and trainers.

Health & Wellness

Blood glucose monitors, pulse oximeters, asthma inhalers, and other wearable medical devices use Bluetooth technology to help administer medication, diagnose injuries, and transmit critical information securely from patients to providers.

Connected Home

Bluetooth makes the IoT accessible to everyone by connecting the connected home and powering remote control management of TVs, gaming consoles, coffee makers, and more. From toys to tools to trackers, Bluetooth technology is being used to locate, secure, and monitor the condition of everything from common devices to the personal possessions we value most.


Bluetooth 5 – Go Faster. Go Further.