Auracast Broadcast Audio: Best Practices for Developing Transmitters, Receivers, and Broadcast Assistants for Public Locations

A new age of Bluetooth® technology is here. Qualcomm Technologies is enabling new user experiences with LE Audio across the, providing flexible, scalable solutions. By working closely with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) on the exciting new Auracast broadcast audio profile, we are now able to bring very simple transmitter devices to public locations, in addition to building support into a variety of Bluetooth hearable devices such as earbuds, headphones and speakers, along with new assistive listening or cross-over devices. This interactive session will provide a practical demonstration, weaving in examples and results from real-life events, to showcase how easy it is to use the Qualcomm S5 and S3 Gen 2 Sound Platforms for the development of transmitters, receivers, and broadcast assistants.

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