An Introduction to the Bluetooth Mesh Proxy Function

This self-study educational resource covers the key technicalities involved in creating applications for smartphones and other platforms that can monitor and control nodes in a Bluetooth mesh network. It introduces the mesh proxy protocol, explains related concepts, and provides hands-on coding experience. Developers will learn some theory and then focus on developing a mesh proxy client application that they will test against a test mesh proxy node, the code for which is provided and can be run on a Raspberry Pi or similar.

The guide will:

  • Introduce you to the most fundamental Bluetooth mesh technical concepts
  • Help you to learn all about the mesh proxy node and proxy protocol in detail
  • Describe how cryptography is used to secure the mesh PDUs
  • Give you practical experience by guiding you through the development of a mesh proxy client application using JavaScript
  • Provide you with the source code for a skeleton mesh proxy server against which to test the client application which you will develop

Download the mesh proxy kit and become a Bluetooth mesh application developer today.

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