Smart Home

Right at Home in the Smart Home.

For years, Bluetooth® technology has been at the heart of the connected home. Whether connecting TVs to soundbars or PCs to keyboards, Bluetooth is right at home in the smart home.

Now, Bluetooth is making home automation a reality. Bluetooth mesh is the only wireless solution capable of delivering secure, reliable, full-building coverage that meets the strict requirements of industrial and commercial environments. While many wireless technologies struggle to scale up, Bluetooth mesh scales down to automate the home with ease, bringing that same industrial-grade security and dependability to residential applications.

Key Use Cases

Connected Home

From TVs to toys to toothbrushes, common everyday household items use Bluetooth technology as the way to wirelessly connect. Bluetooth powers the wireless connectivity that connects game consoles to controllers and phones to earbuds. Bluetooth technology makes it possible to manage and control the personal possessions we value most and sets us free in our own, connected home.

Home Automation

The fully automated smart home has remained elusive, until now. Bluetooth mesh provides the wireless connectivity platform that enables automatic control of lights, thermostats, smoke detectors, cameras, door bells, locks, and more. Bluetooth technology has proven its place in the connected home and is now helping deliver the promise of the smart home.

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