Exploring the Bluetooth® LE PAwR Feature in Large-Scale Network Testing

Bluetooth® LE recently introduced periodic advertising with responses (PAwR), a bidirectional communication feature with precise timing. PAwR enables large-scale, low-power bi-directional networks. It benefits physical retail’s Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) market and extends to asset monitoring, manufacturing, and logistics. This presentation tests a large-scale network with PAwR using Bluetooth ESL Profile and Service. The network comprises 500 end nodes: Broadcaster (Access Point), host computer (ESL Profile), and Observer (ESL tag application). PAwR train timing selection balances scale, responsiveness, and power consumption. Testing covers deployment time, bidirectional PAwR pinging, simultaneous connections, and network recovery. The presentation highlights essential network parameters and validates their application through performance testing, comparing results to theoretical limits for potential improvements.

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