The Bluetooth® Low Energy Primer

The Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Primer explains every layer of the Bluetooth LE stack, starting with the physical layer at the bottom and ending with the generic access profile at the top. Topics related to the layered architecture of the stack, such as security, are covered too. This is the place to start if you’re new to Bluetooth LE and want to learn about the technology from a technical perspective.

This guide:

  • Puts Bluetooth LE in historical context
  • Explains the architecture of Bluetooth LE and the layers of the stack
  • Provides a substantial but relatively succinct explanation of each layer, covering:
    • the physical layer
    • the link layer
    • the isochronous adaptation layer
    • the host controller interface
    • the logical link control and adaptation protocol
    • the attribute protocol
    • the generic attribute profile
    • the generic access profile
    • the security manager protocol

Provides pointers to other study guides, papers, and formal specifications that provide additional detail on the various topics or hands-on practical education for implementers

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