Connecting Where We Work, Live, and Play.

Bluetooth® technology is connecting cities to enhance the visitor experience and improve the quality of life for citizens, businesses, and employees around the globe. Bluetooth beacons create rich, personalized experiences for concert goers, museum lovers, sports fans, and tourists. Bluetooth also powers a growing bike-sharing industry that is changing how residents make their way around urban neighborhoods and bringing the sharing economy to life.

As pressure on resources, utilities, and public funds increases, so too does the need for smarter solutions to effectively manage growing city populations. Bluetooth helps public officials connect city infrastructures in ways never before imagined and gather data to guide informed policy making.

By connecting billions of everyday devices and enabling the invention of countless more, Bluetooth technology is helping transform the IoT vision into reality.

Key Use Cases

These intelligent Bluetooth devices are driving advancements in smart tourism. They help venues like museums, stadiums, and airports guide visitors to where they need to be and provide them with a more personalized and fulfilling experience. Smart cities also leverage Bluetooth technology to boost local retail. Beacons power proximity marketing services and apps that help stores attract shoppers in the vicinity.


The smarter the buildings, the smarter the city. Bluetooth enables the automatic, centralized control of a building’s essential systems, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, and security. Building automation harnesses energy savings, lowers operating costs, and improves the life cycle of a building’s core systems. Bluetooth technology also powers building-wide networks of sensors and beacons that enable indoor positioning and location services like way finding, asset management, and point-of-interest solutions.


Government officials and city managers turn to Bluetooth to increase energy and operational efficiency and maximize resources and budget. Bluetooth roadside traffic sensors help officials map public transportation routes and allocate resources more efficiently based on demand and traffic patterns. Bluetooth beacons enable smart parking systems, create efficiencies in public transportation, and give city officials the data they need to make confident policy decisions..


2019 Bluetooth Market Update

Get exclusive access to the latest trends and forecasts for Bluetooth technology, and learn what’s next for Bluetooth as it continues to expand from a personal communication solution to an industrial-grade connectivity engine.


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