Phone, Tablet & PC

The IoT for Everyone. Everywhere.

Why do industry leaders turn to Bluetooth® to power their IoT solutions and drive innovation in their industry? Bluetooth is the key to making IoT solutions accessible to everyone.

Phones, tablets and PCs have become portals through which people experience every thing and every place. Billions of these core communication devices ship each year. Bluetooth technology is native in all of them.

Thanks to Bluetooth, a new generation of connected solutions are poised to once again propel budding, young markets into the mainstream.

Making Markets

Native in billions of phones, tablets, and PCs shipped every year, Bluetooth technology creates connections that power IoT innovations and establish new markets. Explore the unique impact Bluetooth is making on these industries.

Audio & Entertainment

Bluetooth delights phone, tablet, and laptop users with reliable, convenient access to their music and entertainment.

Connected Device

Bluetooth Low Energy connects billions of everyday devices to phones and tablets, creating new possibilities and markets.


Thanks to Bluetooth phones, drivers are more connected to their cars than ever before.

Smart Building

Retailers use Bluetooth to connect with shoppers’ phones, create a better retail experience, and increase sales.

Smart Industry

Phones and tablets are replacing on-machine displays, provisioning sensor networks, and controlling factory floors.

Smart City

Bluetooth connects residents and visitors to museums, airports, and infrastructure through their phones, helping propel cities into a more connected future.

Smart Home

Bluetooth phones, tablets and PCs are at the heart of the connected home.

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