Like You’ve Never Experienced Before.

The audio cable was one of the first cords Bluetooth® cut.

Since then, Bluetooth technology has revolutionized the audio and entertainment market. Stripping away the hassle of wires on headsets, speakers, and home entertainment devices, Bluetooth delights consumers with reliable, convenient access to their music and entertainment.

Bluetooth is now synonymous with the wireless audio and entertainment market, and has forever changed the way we consume media and experience the world.

For the latest trends and forecasts in the audio and entertainment market, download the 2019 Bluetooth Market Update.


Key Use Cases

Wireless Audio

The delivery of real-time audio through a wireless connection is now routine and convenient. Bluetooth technology enables reliable point-to-point audio streaming from a PC or mobile device to a range of light-weight wireless devices— such as ear buds, headsets, speakers, hearables, media stream adapters, and more.


Bluetooth has ushered in an era of unprecedented control and convenience when connecting to various home entertainment devices— including TVs, media players, remote controls, gaming consoles, and more. Bluetooth technology is also used in virtual reality wearables, as well as voice-control front ends and digital assistants.


2019 Bluetooth Market Update

Get exclusive access to the latest trends and forecasts for Bluetooth technology, and learn what’s next for Bluetooth as it continues to expand from a personal communication solution to an industrial-grade connectivity engine.

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