Bluetooth in the Home Automation Market

Home Automation

It Won't Clean Your House But It Will Connect It

Bluetooth® Smart technology is the ideal wireless home automation technology. While it’s been the next big thing for the past 50 years, wireless home automation is finally showing signs of going mainstream and Bluetooth Smart is making it happen by securely connecting to the billions of smartphones, tablets and computers already on the market.

In the old days—you know, 2013—smart home devices were focused around smart energy management but with the advent of Bluetooth Smart there are a lot of interesting new smart home products coming to market. 

With a phone, tablet, or laptop in hand, homeowners can control the lights, temperature, household appliances, window and door locks and security systems in their home. Since most homeowners already have at least one Bluetooth Smart compatible smartphone or tablet, they can do this with devices they're already familiar with and know how to use.

People can monitor and control everything from their home security system and lighting to door and window locks with user-friendly applications. They can even simplify daily tasks by setting up alerts about their home to be sent to their smartphone.

The smart home is here now

Imagine the possibilities: Bluetooth Smart sensors for temperature, lights, doors, windows, motion detection, and more—collecting and wirelessly sharing data with applications stored directly on Bluetooth Smart compatible devices or in the cloud. It’s the future of home automation, and it’s here now.

As more and more devices connect in the home, the applications monitoring and controlling them will need continuous access to the Internet or the cloud, which Bluetooth enabled gateways can provide. The next step in home automation is moving Bluetooth Smart compatibility into other familiar gateways such as routers and set-top boxes. These gateways will provide constant connection, monitoring, and control of home-based Bluetooth smart sensors in door locks, lights or other household appliances.