A New Architecture for the Next Generation of Bluetooth® Audio

LE Audio introduces an entirely new architecture for supporting audio applications using Bluetooth technology and sets the stage for the next 20 years of innovation in wireless audio. This page provides an overview of the enhanced, new, and upcoming Bluetooth Specifications that define LE Audio.


Important Updates on LE Audio Schedules, Branding & Requirements

Watch this detailed discussion of adoption and publication of the final set of LE Audio specifications, along with our plans to announce, promote, and celebrate the milestone.


The Bluetooth Specifications that define LE Audio

Specification Description

Bluetooth Core Specification

The Bluetooth Core Specification was enhanced in December 2019 to enable delivery of audio over Bluetooth LE, including a new LE Isochronous Channels feature.

LC3: Low Complexity Communications Codec

A new specification released in September 2020 that defines a high-quality, low-power audio codec.

Generic Audio Framework Specifications

A set of new specifications that define a flexible middleware for transmitting and controlling audio over Bluetooth LE.


Stream Management

BAP: Basic Audio Profile

PACS: Published Audio Capabilities Service

ASCS: Audio Stream Control Service

BASS: Broadcast Audio Scan Service

A set of new specifications that define basic interoperability for audio devices, including capability discovery and configuration of unicast and broadcast audio streams.


Media Control

MCP: Media Control Profile

MCS: Media Control Service

A set of new specifications that define media control.


Call Control

CCP: Call Control Profile

TBS: Telephone Bearer Service

A set of new specifications that define call control for all types of telephony.


Common Audio

CAP: Common Audio Profile

CAS: Common Audio Service

A set of new specifications that defines the application of isochronous audio streams with multiple devices in multi-service situations, along with the integration of media and volume controls.


Coordinated Devices

CSIP: Coordinated Set Identification Profile

CSIS: Coordinated Set Identification Service

A set of new specifications that define how to identify and treat devices as part of a coordinated set. (e.g., true wireless earbuds, home stereo speakers).


Microphone Control

MICP: Microphone Control Profile

MICS: Microphone Control Service

A set of new specifications that define microphone control.


Volume Control

VCP: Volume Control Profile

VCS: Volume Control Service

VOCS: Volume Offset Control Service

AICS: Audio Input Control Service

A set of new specifications that define volume control and balance.

Use Case Profiles

A set of new specifications that define interoperable support for existing and new audio use cases based on LE Audio.


TMAP: Telephony and Media Audio Profile

A new specification that defines global, interoperable support for telephony and media audio, replicating and extending the two primary use cases for Bluetooth Classic Audio today.


HAP: Hearing Access Profile

HAS: Hearing Access Service

A new set of specifications that define global, interoperable support for Bluetooth audio on hearing assistance devices such as hearing aids and associated hearing reinforcement solutions.


PBP: Public Broadcast Profile

A new specification that defines global, interoperable support for broadcast audio use cases such as public address systems and televisions.

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