Infineon Technologies AG is a global semiconductor provider in power systems and IoT devices. A leading supplier of automotive chips, Infineon drives decarbonization and digitalization with its products and solutions.

Victor Zhodzishsky, Infineon distinguished Bluetooth® engineer, and Patrick Cruise, Infineon senior director of Bluetooth engineering, recently met with me to provide their insight into 2024 Bluetooth trends.

Q&A With Victor Zhodzishsky and Patrick Cruise From Infineon

Which Bluetooth trends from 2023 most stick out to you, and what impacts did these trends have on your market?

One interesting trend is the emergence of two new features, Periodic Advertisement with Response (PAwR) and Encrypted Advertising Data, released as part of version 5.4 of the Bluetooth® Core Specification. These features will unlock applications that once relied on proprietary implementation and migrate them to standard implementation, affording customers more flexibility and ease of use when it comes to choosing a solution. Applications such as electronic shelf labels (ESL), solar farms, industrial sensors, etc. are the ones we see greatly benefiting from them.

Which new Bluetooth trends do you anticipate seeing in 2024?

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The expectation is that there will be wide adoption of Bluetooth® LE Audio and automotive applications and use cases. For example, car access, wireless battery management (wBMS), and Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) based tire-pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are prime use cases for automotive applications, which will see higher adoption and growth.

What has Infineon been focused on in 2023, and what will you focus on in 2024?

We have focused on delivering what our customers have been asking us for: reliable and robust RF performance, MCU features, and the latest Bluetooth® features. Our parts show top RF performance, and we have brought in the latest features from version 5.4 of the Bluetooth Core Specification into our newest parts, CYW20829 and automotive grade CYW89829, which combines a dual-core M33 architecture with low power and robust performance.

What are your predictions for Bluetooth technology over the next 25 years?

Bluetooth® technology became a ubiquitous part of the audio and personal area networking ecosystem by delivering a robust and easy-to-use experience to the customer. Customers will continue to look for easy-to-use and broadly available technologies when they are delivering new user experiences. Bluetooth technology is in the perfect position to deliver enhanced contextual awareness and machine interface experiences with the addition of accurate location information (channel sounding) and reliable, low-latency, and high data rate features (HDT, HID over ISoC, and higher bands).

We have seen tremendous growth over these first 25 years. In another 25 years, it will be very different from what it is today.


Auracast™ Broadcast Audio

Auracast™ broadcast audio will deliver life-changing audio experiences that will enhance the way you engage with others and the world around you.



先日、インフィニオンのBluetooth®︎分野における最高位エンジニアであるビクター・ゾジシュスキー(Victor Zhodzishsky)氏とBluetoothエンジニアリング担当シニアディレクターのパトリック・クルーズ(Patrick Cruise)氏に2024年のBluetoothトレンドについてお話を伺いました。





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Bluetooth®︎ LE Audioが自動車向けアプリケーションやユースケースを含め、広く採用されていくと予想しています。例えば自動車用途での主なユースケースには、車両の施錠・開錠、ワイヤレス方式のバッテリー管理システム(wBMS)、Bluetooth Low Energy(LE)ベースのタイヤ空気圧監視システム(TPMS)などがあり、これらでのさらなる採用と拡大が進むでしょう。




Bluetooth®︎技術は、使いやすい確かな技術として、オーディオおよびパーソナルエリアネットワークのエコシステムの普遍的な一部となり、至る所で見られるものになりました。新しいユーザー体験を生み出そうとする顧客企業は、引き続き、活用が容易で幅広く普及している技術を求めるでしょう。Bluetooth技術は正確な位置情報(チャネルサウンディング)や高信頼性・低遅延・高データレート機能(HDT、HID over IsoC、高周波数帯域)が追加されたことから、コンテキストアウェアネス機能やマシンインターフェースの向上の実現に最適な位置付けを得ています。


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