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Bluetooth Expands Beyond Hands-free Calling

The automotive industry is a steadily growing market for Bluetooth® technology, with Bluetooth enabled hands-free calling systems now included as standard equipment on millions of new cars and trucks. Spurred on by safety concerns, all 12 of the world's major car manufacturers now offer Bluetooth hands-free calling systems.

Entertainment on the go

Going beyond hands-free calling, Bluetooth brings infotainment to the car by connecting to the audio system so passengers and drivers can listen to whatever they want while driving. Since the smartphone is the hub of consumer’s lives, they allow consumers to do much more than just talk or listen to music. Once connected to the audio system and the flat-panel displays, drivers can use apps to navigate, check traffic, view weather reports, look up movie and restaurant information, and perform other tasks to improve the driving experience.

Bluetooth enables new use cases in the car

  • New phone apps that use Bluetooth to monitor and diagnose mechanical and electrical systems—this allows automakers to eliminate copper wires, thereby reducing weight, improving fuel economy, and lowering manufacturing costs
  • Bluetooth enabled tablets that function a similarly to smartphones by pairing with the audio system to play music, podcasts or run apps
  • Ford is exploring Bluetooth enabled systems that monitor a person's vital signs while driving