Bluetooth LE: Broadcast

Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) enables short-burst wireless connections and uses multiple network topologies, including a broadcast topology for one-to-many (1:m) device communications. Bluetooth LE broadcast topology supports localized information sharing and is well suited for beacon solutions, such point-of-interest (PoI) information and item and way-finding services.

Sample markets

Point-of-interest beacons

The beacon revolution is upon us. Retailers adopted localized point-of-interest (PoI) beacons early, but smart cities are now discovering many ways beacons can improve the quality of life for citizens and tourists. The applications within museums, tourism, education and transportation seem endless.

Item-finding beacons

Ever lose your keys, purse or wallet? Bluetooth beacons power the rapidly growing item-tracking and finding market. Inexpensive item-tracking solutions help you to locate almost any possession. Many of these solutions also provide sophisticated cloud-based tracking networks and services.

Way-finding beacons

Trouble finding your way through crowded airports, campuses or stadiums? A network of beacons with way-finding services can help you reach a desired gate, platform, classroom, seat or eatery. All via an app on your mobile device.