Bluetooth High Speed

Bluetooth high speed technology lets you quickly send video, music and other large files between your devices.

Bluetooth® high speed technology (the Version 3.0 + HS enhancement to the Bluetooth Core Specification) uses a data-substitution method that offers faster throughput via momentary use of a secondary radio that is already present in consumer devices. By enabling the use of new radios without full system integration, Bluetooth high speed technology reduces costs while expanding future build opportunities. 

Bluetooth high speed technology is ideal for synchronizing music libraries between devices, downloading photos in bulk, or sending video files from one device to another. Consumers enjoy powerful, wireless connection using the Bluetooth protocols, profiles, security and pairing features they’re already familiar with.

Key features

  • Bluetooth high speed technology reduces power consumption by using the high-speed radio only when needed, which means a longer battery life for devices.
  • The Generic Alternate MAC/PHY in Bluetooth high speed lets the radio discover other high-speed devices only when they are needed to transfer data. 
  • Bluetooth high speed makes power control faster and ensures limited drop-outs, making it less likely for consumers to lose a headset connection.
  • Unicast Connectionless Data improves the consumer experience by lowering latency rates, sending small amounts of data more quickly.