Powering the Industrial IoT.

Bluetooth® is leading a convergence of industry and information that paves the way for the next industrial revolution.

Bluetooth technology powers wireless sensor networks to enable predictive maintenance and detect machine failures before they occur. Phones and tablets can now replace on-machine displays to shield workers from harsh environments, improve system monitoring, and uncover additional capacity in a plant.

Bluetooth is connecting critical components of a manufacturer’s value stream, keeping machines, people, and processes in lockstep, while driving new levels of efficiency, productivity, and safety.

For the latest trends and forecasts in the smart industry market, download the 2019 Bluetooth Market Update.


Key Use Cases

Condition Monitoring

Bluetooth sensor networks deployed at scale across a factory floor enable real-time monitoring of system performance and tolerances, creating intelligent machines and whole manufacturing lines that can predict and problem solve.

Process Optimization

Indoor positioning and location services and enterprise wearables powered by Bluetooth help manufacturing companies improve material management and process flow to achieve unprecedented operational efficiency. Bluetooth asset tracking and management solutions allow manufacturers to better monitor location, availability, and condition of equipment and output across the supply chain.

Building Automation

Powered by Bluetooth, the centralized automation of a factory’s essential systems— including lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), and security— conserves energy, lowers operating costs, and improves the life cycle of a building’s core systems.

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