Product Qualification & Declaration

Demonstrate and declare that your Bluetooth product complies with all the Bluetooth SIG requirements.

One of the primary purposes of the Bluetooth SIG is to help members ensure that all products are properly qualified and comply with the Bluetooth license agreements. This promotes product interoperability and reinforces the strength of the Bluetooth® brand to the benefit of all SIG members. Using the online tool, members qualify and declare their product's compliance to the requirements and conditions of the membership agreements. Still not sure if you need to qualify or declare your product? 

Start here if you are:
  • Using a new Bluetooth design you created
  • Modifying an existing Bluetooth design in any way
Start here if you are:
  • Using someone else's Bluetooth module without making any changes or additions
  • Adding your logo to a product manufactured by a third party

Download the Getting Started Check List for more detailed information. If you need help at any time, contact us.