Qualification Process with
Required Testing

This path is intended for members creating a new Bluetooth design or modifying previously qualified Bluetooth designs.

Scenarios that Use this Qualification Path

Use this path when you are:

  • Creating a new design or combination that does not involve only previously qualified Bluetooth End Products or Subsystems.
  • Altering a previously qualified Bluetooth design by changing the core configuration/functionality.
  • Qualifying a design that uses a previously qualified Bluetooth Component product type.

NOTE: When qualifying with a previously qualified Component product type, you can inherit test evidence for conformance test cases if the Component was assessed within three years of the listing date of your project.

How Do I Qualify?

Use Launch Studio, the Bluetooth qualification tool, to list your design information, generate a test plan, upload test evidence, and add associated products. Below you will find a list of the steps within the Qualification Process with Required Testing path and what you need to provide on each page:

1. Project Basics

  • For Project Name, a name for your project
  • For Previously Qualified Design Used in this Qualification, enter any Qualified Design IDs (QDID) of the Component product type or any other QDIDs which you are modifying and incorporating into your project.
  • For the TCRL Version, a default is selected.
  • For Product Types, choose a Bluetooth product type for your qualification.
  • Controller Core Configuration (if applicable)
  • Host Core Configuration (if applicable)
  • For Layer Selection, indicate the layers involved in your design
  • For ICS Selection, select the Implementation Conformance Statements (ICSs) involved in your design. The Consistency Check tool within Launch Studio will help guide you to resolving any invalid combinations of ICS selections.
  • If you are unable to resolve consistency check invalids in your project and you feel that Launch Studio may be in error, you may file a Test Specification Erratum (TSE). Once your TSE is approved you can submit your project with the consistency check invalids for manual approval.
  • For Download Test Plan, download a list of the required tests for your design
  • For Export ICS, download a .pts file which you can import into the Profile Tuning Suite (PTS) in order to conduct qualification testing
  • For Add Test Evidence, upload a completed test plan as well as any test evidence/reports as required by the PRD.
  • For Design Details, enter information for the specific design you are qualifying, including the Design Name, Model Number, Design Description, Hardware Version, Software Version, Listing Date, WiFi Certification ID (optional), and Reference Integration Notes.
    • Note: The Listing Date is the date you want your declaration listed publicly in Launch Studio. This date is limited to 90 days after the date you submit your project in Launch Studio
  • If you are also combining a previously qualified Bluetooth End Product or Subsystem product type with your new design, you will enter the QDID in the Referenced Qualified Design field.
  • For Product Listing, list all the products and product details that use this design in combination with any referenced Bluetooth End Products or Subsystems you entered in the previous section, including Product Name/ID, Product Category, Product Website, Publish Date, Description, Model Number.
    • Note: The Publish Date is the date you want your product information to be made public in Launch Studio. This date can be no later than 90 days after the date you submit your project in Launch Studio
  • Pay Declaration Fee
    • Payment of a declaration fee and receipt of a Declaration ID. The declaration fee amount depends on your organization’s membership level; you can pay by credit card or invoice. Declaration fees are not refundable. Unused Declaration IDs expire 12 months from the date of issuance unless used to complete a project and submit it for qualification. For more information, please see the fees page.
  • For Available Declaration IDs section, select an available Declaration ID to attach to your project. If no Declaration IDs are available, please pay a Declaration Fee in the section above to be issued a new Declaration ID.
  • For the Project Status section, confirm that all Project Status items are marked as Complete.
  • For the Project Details section, verify that all information is correct, including your organization’s contact information.
  • For the Complete the Project and Submit Product(s) for Qualification section, read and select the checkboxes and enter a signature to complete the listing.

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