Bluetooth® Device Network solutions in home, commercial, or other environments can reliably and securely connect tens, hundreds, or thousands of devices within a network. Driven by an increase in Bluetooth Networked Lighting Control and home automation solution deployments, analysts at ABI Research expect to see a sharp rise in annual Bluetooth Device Network device shipments over the next five years, reaching more than one billion annual shipments by 2026.

Bluetooth Technology in the Smart Home

Whether connecting TVs to soundbars or PCs to keyboards, Bluetooth® technology has been at the heart of the smart home for years. Bluetooth is now expanding its role in the home IoT and securing its place as a go-to technology for the smart home with 552 million Bluetooth smart home devices shipping this year. Analysts predict smart home automation annual device shipments will more than double by 2026, increasing to 1.1 billion in just five years. Major devices driving forecasts include smart home automation controllers, smart lighting, and smart appliances.


Bluetooth® Market Update

The Bluetooth® Market Update provides updated forecasts and trends in key Bluetooth solution areas and highlights Bluetooth use cases that will drive future growth.


Bluetooth Networked Lighting Control

As evident in the trends showcased in the 2022 Bluetooth® Market Update, Bluetooth Networked Lighting Control is experiencing mainstream traction. Used across offices, warehouses, retail environments, and other large commercial spaces, Bluetooth Networked Lighting Control systems provide building managers with advanced control while helping to create additional savings and efficiencies.

The proliferation of LEDs, a desire for greater energy efficiency, faster deployment capabilities, and a higher quality occupant experience are driving the demand for Bluetooth commercial networked lighting control solutions.

“The commercial building automation market is expected to be one of the fastest-growing applications for Bluetooth within the IoT between 2021 and 2026, achieving a CAGR of 76 percent and growing to nearly 50 million annual device shipments. Bluetooth commercial lighting, switch, and controller shipments are expected to reach nearly 8 million annual shipments by 2026, many of which will help accelerate the wider adoption of other commercial building use cases such as environmental sensors, which are expected to grow 13x between 2021 and 2026, reaching over 13.5 million annual shipments at this time.”

– ABI Research

Check out the 2022 Bluetooth Market Update and see how Bluetooth Device Networks are driving tomorrow’s market trends and forecasts.

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Bluetooth® Market Update

The Bluetooth® Market Update provides updated forecasts and trends in key Bluetooth solution areas and highlights Bluetooth use cases that will drive future growth.


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