Market Your Bluetooth Product

You’ve created and qualified your Bluetooth product, so now what? It’s time to brand it and deliver it to consumers.

After you join the SIG and qualify and declare your product, you now have the right to use the Bluetooth® Trademark License—a license between the Bluetooth SIG (owner of the Bluetooth trademark) and each member authorizing use of the Bluetooth trademarks. The trademark is recognized by over 92% of people worldwide.

This is a huge selling point for your product. You just need to determine which brand marks you need to use on your product. Use it, but use it correctly. We have a lot of resources to help you.

Members can also take advantage of the different ways the Bluetooth SIG will help you promote your product.

  • Imagine Blue Awards—enter your product or application in our yearly award program for a chance to be promoted on Bluetooth SIG websites, press rel​eases, social media channels, and other SIG communications
  • Bluetooth Media Events—several times a year in all the different regions of the world, we invite the media and analysts to meet with members who are creating products for the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Public Relations—one of the main initiatives of the Bluetooth SIG is to promote the brand. We work throughout the year with press and analysts sharing our members’ vision and roadmap for the IoT. We also give members an opportunity to feature their press releases on our website or add a quote from a Bluetooth SIG representative
  • Bluetooth World—the only event where Bluetooth technology meets the Internet of Things (IoT). You can network with industry leaders or show off your product in the exhibit hall
  • Guest Blogging—contact us at any time to explore the possibility of writing a guest blog