White Papers

The following Bluetooth white papers and presentations are available in PDF format to all members of the Bluetooth SIG.

How to build a wireless sensor-driven lighting control system based on Bluetooth mesh networking
September 2017

Specification Developer Guide for Transport Discovery Service v1.0

Discovery of Things Working Group
May 2016

Internet Gateways White Paper  v1.0
A/V and Multi-Profile Working Group
December 2014

Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing Using NFC Application Document v1.1
NFC Forum and Bluetooth SIG
May 2014

GAP REST API White Paper
Internet Working Group
April 2014

Internet Working Group
April 2014

Personal Health Devices Transcoding White Paper v1.0v1.1v1.2v1.3v1.4v1.5v1.6 
Medical Devices Working Group
December 2015

SAP and Remote Network Access White Paper 
Telephony and Car Working Group
October 2012

Improving A2DP Audio Quality White Paper 
A/V Working Group
October 2012

Filter Recommendations for Coexistence with LTE and WiMAX White Paper
Core Specification Working Group and Filter Expert Group
April 2010

Health Device Profile Implementation Guidance White Paper
Medical Devices Working Group
December 2009

Discovery White Paper
Tim Howes
September 2008

Sniff and Sniff-Subrating Modes White Paper
Burch Seymour
August 2008