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Create your Bluetooth services and applications and get them to market quickly.

Just Released! Bluetooth Developer Studio 1.1

Developers want a complete picture when troubleshooting a device. Enter the new Protocol Viewer. The Protocol Viewer gives you a graphical view of Bluetooth® commands and sequences in real time as you test and debug your device. Not only will it help you troubleshoot design problems but it will give you a deeper understanding of GATT commands.

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Voted Elektronik's 2016 Product of the Year, Bluetooth Developer Studio is a graphical, GATT-based application development and debugging tool is designed to help developers create consistent Bluetooth® services and applications across multiple chipsets and platforms.

Bluetooth Developer Studio is a powerful toolset that provides the following significant benefits:

  • Cuts your Bluetooth technology education time by up to 50%
  • Reduces time to market by up to 70%
  • Delivers a higher quality user experience through more consistent implementations

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​​​​​​​​Developer Studio Plugins

Plugins are small JavaScript files you can add to your project that provide a ready source of integration into a specific chipset, module, or OEM solution. The plugins generate the code necessary to implement your project onto the platform of your choice. Do you want to learn how to create and install plugins? Download Bluetooth Developer Studio and reference the included documentation.

Are you a chip, module, or OEM supplier? You can create plugins that generate server-side stub code for your solution, or generate client-side stub code for a specific mobile platform—the flexibility is in your hands.

If you’d like your plugin to be included in this list, please contact us at and we will get your plugin posted.

​Plugin Name / Creator Description
Bluegiga XML Plugin
Open Source​
Community project which generates the XML GATT files used with the Bluegiga compiler tool.
Frontline ComProbe Software Plugin

Allows for the e​xport of custom profiles to be fully decoded within Frontline’s ComProbe software.
Nordic nRF5 Plugin
Generate code to create and manage your GATT profile or service.
Generate code to create and manage your GATT profile or service.
Matchbox iOS Plugin
Write and maintain a Bluetooth Smart iOS client using this plugin and boilerplate app.
Matchbox Windows 10 UWP Client Plugin
Use this Windows 10 UWP plugin to quickly create a new Windows 10 application to communicate with a particular device with Bluetooth low energy technology.
  Renesas Bluetooth Low Energy Protocol Stack Plugin 
 Generate Profile/Service codes for Bluetooth low energy protocol stack to run on the Renesas microcontroller RL78/G1D device.
Texas Instruments Plugins
Texas Instruments
Quickly create profiles for Texas Instrument’s Bluetooth low energy software stack.
Toshiba Semiconductor SDK 
Rapidly generate profile source code for Toshiba Bluetooth with low energy and dual-mode LSIs.
Android Client
Bluetooth SIG
Generates an Android application which implements the GATT client part of the selected profile, complete with basic user interface.

Android Profile Validator
Bluetooth SIG
Generates an Android application that can connect to a device with the selected profile implemented and then validate the implementation against the profile design.
HTML Reports
Bluetooth SIG
Three plugins that each generate HTML reports which document the selected profile at increasing levels of detail.
Arduino with nRF8001-based Shield Plugin
Bluetooth SIG
Generates An Arduino sketch and profile definition XML for the Nordic Semiconductor nRFGo Studio tool, allowing rapid implementation of Arduino-based implementations of the selected profile.​​
Arduino 101 Plugin 
Bluetooth SIG
This plugin generates code for the Arduino 101 platform (sold in Europe as the Genuino 101). It has built in Bluetooth low energy capability and its onw API. 
   Silicon Labs Plugins
Silicon Labs
Generate Bluetooth projects and source code for Silicon Labs’ Wireless Gecko’s. Can be used to generate either C or BGScript source projects and application code for Simplicity Studio or IAR Embedded Workbench.