New Bluetooth® Technology: Periodic Advertising with Response Will Bring Digital Benefits to Physical Stores

Bluetooth® technology defines an operating mode called periodic advertising which allows a device to broadcast data in accordance with a deterministic, precisely timed schedule. This capability has been enhanced to create the new Periodic Advertising with Response (PAwR) operating mode. PAwR allows devices that receive periodic advertisements to transmit responses back to the broadcaster. PAwR makes periodic advertising a bidirectional communication mode and allows large, one-to-many topologies to be created. PAwR will enable the creation of new products governed by new Bluetooth profiles. The Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) profile brings the benefits of standardisation to the world of electronic shelf labels, which deliver new customer service and efficiency benefits to physical stores. Bluetooth ESL leverages periodic advertising with responses (PAwR). This video will explain the new Bluetooth PAwR feature and use the ESL profile to illustrate how it will enable further digitalization of physical stores.

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