The State of Sound: Soundbites

In this Soundbites edition, we focus on the role of Bluetooth® LE Audio in the future of sound, the key differences between LE Audio and Classic Audio, and the ways in which LE Audio use cases will change the way you experience sound.

What’s New in Bluetooth 5.4?

In this post, we’ll discuss the most significant points of each feature of the specification including the upcoming Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Profile.

Bluetooth LE Audio Market: Opportunities and Challenges

The arrival of Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio is set to transform the audio and assistive listening landscape. In addition to obvious enhancements in terms of power consumption, latency, and audio quality, LE Audio will also lead to greater standardization of audio capabilities, enabling market categories, such as true-wireless headsets and hearables for further flourish, […]

What's new in Bluetooth v5.4: An overview

The recent adoption of version 5.4 of the Bluetooth® core specification brings a new set of exciting features available for Bluetooth products and all the advantages they provide. Two of the major improvements are Periodic Advertising with Responses (PAwR) and Encrypted Advertising Data. Together, they enable connectionless, bidirectional, secure communication with thousands of very low-power […]


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