Highly Scalable and Reliable - The De-Centralized Approach to Lighting Controls

For many years the belief has been that lighting controls for buildings are complex things to buy, even more complex to install, and are a dark art to program and use. We imagine large stacks of hardware in a cupboard where the heart and mind of your lighting resides purchased in one large expensive purchase. […]

How to Make Buildings Smarter with Location Based Services

Digital transformation has been enabling smarter buildings for decades. Today, as you enter a building, the use of electricity, lighting, and WiFi are already taken for granted, but with an increasing demand for IoT devices, a lot more data can be collected to better understand how buildings are being used. Bluetooth® technology, with its large […]

Beneficial Retrofit: Discovering the Advantages of Upgrading Your Lighting Technology with Bluetooth® Mesh

Bluetooth® Mesh technology already has a strong position in commercial lighting. Especially when it comes to retrofits, it allows for greater energy efficiency, faster deployment, and a higher quality occupant experience. Can this technology be implemented in horticulture? What would be the impact on energy consumption, plant production, and operation costs? According to the Markets […]

Optimizing Healthcare Facilities Using Wireless Technology – A Case Study

Bluetooth® technology is being used to successfully integrate many of the critical devices and systems that power hospitals. In this webcast leaders from Riverside Healthcare, Kontakt.io, and the Bluetooth SIG demonstrate how this technology has been integrated within healthcare facilities. They provide real examples of how medical device tracking, indoor navigation, space utilization, and other […]

The 2021 State of Sound Report

The State of Sound Report is an annual study featuring research insights based on data from thousands of audio consumers around the world. Learn more in this report from Qualcomm Technologies.

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