Throughout the years, Bluetooth® technology has been integral to and is best known for its advancement of audio streaming and wearable devices, but the innovation doesn’t stop there. Bluetooth technology is now also widely used as a positioning technology. One of the emerging location services solutions Bluetooth technology is helping enable is the use of smartphones as a convenient and secure digital key.

Using Bluetooth® technology, your smartphone can double as a digital key that allows access your car, home, or office — recognizing you when you approach and unlocking the doors. 

Here is a look back at some of the top Bluetooth digital key resources released this year. These videos, articles, and whitepapers show how Bluetooth technology is being used to support a wide range of digital key innovations, from automotive to hospitality to enhanced elder care.

Bluetooth Digital Key Resources

Disneyland Resort App Offers Even More Magic, More Convenience at Your Fingertips

Earlier this spring, the Disneyland Resort introduced a new online check-in service for our hotel guests to save time upon arrival at the front desk. Soon, guests will be able to go straight to their room with online check-in and a digital key. Read the article.

Exploring Connectivity Trends for Bluetooth® Low Energy in the Car

This video provides insight into new Bluetooth applications emerging in the automotive industry, from personalizing an owner’s interaction with the vehicle to providing passive entry via phone-as-a-key applications. Watch the video.

Providing the Next Step in Security and Mobility to Those Most in Need

Bluetooth® based digital key solutions are being used to equip senior citizens, their communities, and facilities with enhanced freedom, safety, and peace of mind. With the ability to remotely and instantly access audit trails for each individual door lock on the premises, staff members can quickly locate and determine whether a resident is in distress. Download the whitepaper.

Bluetooth Low Energy Innovations in Connected Vehicles You Didn’t Know Of

A common use case of Bluetooth® technology in the automotive industry is in converting a smartphone into a key fob to access a vehicle. See how Bluetooth technology can be customized for various innovations in vehicle access. Read the article.

Connect: Car Access Demo

In this demo, Texas Instruments discusses and demonstrates how Bluetooth technology uses angle of arrival to give you a better way to triangulate the position of a device. Watch the demo.

How PEPS Technology is Opening the Doors to the Evolution of Car Access Systems

This article from Texas Instruments looks at passive entry passive start (PEPS) systems and highlights why it is the most common form of car access, enabling drivers to enter their car and start the engine without physically using a key. Read the article.

Secure and Accurate Distance Bounding for Bluetooth Secure Access

Wireless systems – such as passive keyless entrance, contactless payment, and smart access control often rely on secure proximity information, making them vulnerable to relay attacks. This white paper highlights a secure and accurate distance bounding protocol for Bluetooth® Low Energy radios. Download the white paper.

High Accuracy Distance Measurement (HADM) Demo for Keyless Entry Systems

In this technology demo, Lambda:4 shows their phase-based ranging with a standard Bluetooth® chip (TI CC2652) for keyless entry systems. Watch the video.

From Car Access to Tire Pressure Monitoring, Discover How Bluetooth® Low Energy is Changing the Connected Car

Due to its versatile capabilities and widespread use in smartphones, Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) is becoming the go-to standard for a variety of automotive applications. Recent trends suggest that automotive manufacturers are embracing Bluetooth LE for tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMSs), cable replacement, telematics, wireless battery management systems, personalization, smart wearables, and LE Audio. Read the article to learn more about each application.


Understanding Reliability in Bluetooth Technology

Download this detailed discussion on reliability in wireless data communication and the techniques Bluetooth® technology uses to increase reliability.


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Bluetooth Location Services

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Mobile Access Senior Living White Paper

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Disneyland Resort App Offers Even More Magic, More Convenience at Your Fingertips

Earlier this spring, the Disneyland Resort introduced a new online check-in service for our…

Bluetooth Low Energy Innovations in Connected Vehicles That You Didn’t Know Of

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Connect: Car Access Demo

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