Every year, the Bluetooth® developer community challenges the limits of wireless connectivity, and each year, to support and encourage this spirit of innovation, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) releases new developer resources. For your coding convenience, we’ve assembled a list of key developer resources released over the last year.

Understanding Reliability in Bluetooth® Technology

In this detailed technical paper, Bluetooth® Developer Relations Manager Martin Woolley examines the issues and factors that impact the reliability of a wireless communication system and the many features and mitigation techniques Bluetooth technology offers to help developers achieve highly reliable communication even in the most challenging environments.

Building a Sensor-Driven Lighting Control System Based on Bluetooth® Mesh

This paper provides a technical examination of which Bluetooth mesh models to use in different types of lighting and sensor devices and how these devices form adaptive, highly efficient, connected lighting networks.

Bluetooth Core Specification Version 5.2 Feature Overview

This comprehensive document summarizes and explains the three primary updates in Bluetooth Core Specification version 5.2.

Designing and Developing Bluetooth® Internet Gateways

This self-study education resource for software developers and technical architects explains Bluetooth® Internet Gateways , middleware that interfaces Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) devices with the internet.

Updates to Developer Study guides

This year the developer relations team at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) have been hard at work updating previously published developer study guides impacted by technical changes to the Android platform relating to Bluetooth® technology and permissions.

  • An Introduction to the Bluetooth Mesh Proxy Function: This self-study educational resource covers the key technicalities involved in creating applications for smartphones and other platforms that can monitor and control nodes in a Bluetooth mesh network
  • The Bluetooth LE Security Study Guide: This study guide outlines the toolkit of security features which Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) possesses and how they work, play developers can get hands-on experience writing code which exploits some of the most important Bluetooth LE security features
  • An Introduction to Bluetooth Beacons: This self-study educational resource covers both the theory and practice of developing Bluetooth beacons and integrating beacons into existing products and applications
  • How to Deploy BlueZ on a Raspberry Pi Board as a Bluetooth Mesh Provisioner: This step-by-step study guide teaches you how to rebuild the kernel on a Raspberry Pi board to fit the requirement of BlueZ, how to install BlueZ, and how to use the tools of BlueZ to provision Bluetooth mesh devices through PB-GATT or PB-ADV

Discover more developer resources to help you build your Bluetooth product.


How Bluetooth® Technology Makes Wireless Communication Reliable

Learn about the challenge of wireless interference and the techniques Bluetooth technology uses to overcome it.


An Introduction to the Bluetooth LE Security Study Guide

My house has locking doors and windows, an alarm system, and several security cameras.…

Why Bluetooth Technology is the Developer’s Swiss Army Knife

Members of the Bluetooth® community are continuously innovating. Over the last two decades, members have…

Updates to the Bluetooth Internet Gateway Study Guide

According to the ABI report Installed Base of IoT Devices by Connectivity Technology, published…

In Case You Missed It: What’s New With Blue This Summer

The Bluetooth® developer community is always pushing the technology forward, and this summer has…

New Core Specification v5.3 Feature Enhancements

One of the key reasons why Bluetooth® technology has emerged as the global wireless…

Bluetooth® Core Specification Version 5.3 Feature Enhancements

Bluetooth® Core Specification version 5.3 includes several feature enhancements with the potential to improve…

Connect: Car Access Demo

In this demo, Texas Instruments will discuss and demonstrate Bluetooth 5.1 and its cutting…

Wireless Connectivity Options for IoT Applications - Commercial Lighting

Industry 4.0 is no longer a thing of the future. The term describes the…

4 Essential Tools for Every Bluetooth Low Energy Developer

One of the biggest challenges of learning any new technology is knowing which tools…

Designing and Developing Bluetooth® Internet Gateways

Learn about Bluetooth internet gateways, how to make them secure and scalable, and design and implement your own working prototype gateway and web application for use with either Bluetooth LE Peripherals or with Bluetooth mesh networks.

An Introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy for Swift Developers

All smartphones support Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) and it is used in all manner…

Building a Sensor-Driven Lighting Control System Based on Bluetooth® Mesh

A technical examination of which Bluetooth mesh models to use in different types of…

How Bluetooth Low Energy Works: 21 Interesting Facts

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in Bluetooth Low Energy development, it’s always…

Advanced Bluetooth for Android Developers

Android developers can take this guided tour of the most recent features and interesting…

How to Deploy BlueZ on a Raspberry Pi Board as a Bluetooth Mesh Provisioner

This step-by-step study guide will teach you: How to rebuild the kernel on a…

The Bluetooth LE Security Study Guide

Learn about fundamental security concepts, the security features of Bluetooth Low Energy, and gain some hands-on experience using those features in device code.

How Bluetooth 5 Increases the Achievable Range of a Bluetooth Low Energy Connection

Texas Instruments offers their theory on how to achieve long range with a Bluetooth…

Testing Long Range (Coded PHY) with Nordic Solution (It Simply Works)

There has been a lot of discussion and confusion about testing the long range…

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