Knock, Knock…Who’s There?
Your Key to a Safer Property

Ever been in a situation where a family member or your roommate calls in a panic because they forgot a house key and the only solution is to leave a key under the mat?We’re sure this or something similar has happened to all of us. This is definitely risky as it can potentially lead to an intruder entering the house and stealing your stuff.

Swissprime Makes a Smart Home Safer

So what’s the solution? Swissprime Technologies, one of the companies at our Discover Blue: London event, demoed an interesting solution to help keep a house safe—My Lock. It’s an electronic solution you can use on many things like doors, furniture and even cupboards. It allows users to share and revoke lock keys over the air using Bluetooth® technology and a smartphone.

Security Is a Top Priority

Security is a huge concern for all of us, so with Bluetooth’s security features integrated into My Lock, along with its convenience and low energy use, it was easy for the company to choose Bluetooth to restore peace of mind for users. You can hear more from the CEO, Thomas Riesen, at Swissprime Technologies in the video below

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