For years, advancements in Bluetooth® technology have enhanced operations for large-scale environments, from office buildings to healthcare facilities.

With the advent of Bluetooth mesh, it is now possible to create large-scale device networks capable of supporting the control, monitoring, and automation of systems that include hundreds or even thousands of wireless devices communicating with one another on a single network. Thanks to Bluetooth Location Services, facilities worldwide are deploying powerful, low-cost proximity solutions and positioning systems to support a wide range of asset tracking and wayfinding applications.

Of course, the best proof for the viability of Bluetooth technology in large-scale commercial settings is seeing results from real-world deployments. These case studies, released within the last year, showcase the efficacy of Bluetooth technology in commercial environments.

Bluetooth Technology Case Studies 

Optimizing Healthcare Facilities Using Wireless Technology – A Case Study

In this webcast, leaders from Riverside Healthcare,, and the Bluetooth SIG demonstrate how Bluetooth® technology has been integrated within healthcare facilities. They provide real examples of how medical device tracking, indoor navigation, space utilization, and other location services are helping healthcare facilities optimize their operations and improve the care they provide patients. Watch the webcast.

Maximized Energy Savings With Smart Lighting

This case study by Sylvania outlines how Atalian, a global leader in facilities management services, replaced their outdated luminaires with Sylvania’s Bluetooth® enabled connected building solution. Capturing real-time energy consumption of the existing and the new lighting solution, Atalian can monitor the performance of the new solution and verify the achieved savings (84 percent) against the target ROI. Read the case study.

STEINEL Uses Bluetooth Mesh to Optimize Building Automation

Using Bluetooth® technology to support building automation, STEINEL Solutions AG helped achieve significant energy savings (90 percent) with smart lighting sensors and Bluetooth mesh. In this paper, STEINEL outlines several use cases and shows how Bluetooth enabled sensors provide building operators with a range of optimization options, including energy-efficient facility management, enhanced space utilization, and streamlined process flows. Read the case study.

“In addition to its high reliability, the great advantage of the Bluetooth® standard is its widespread use and connectivity via smartphones.” 
– Manuel Siegrist, STEINEL Solutions AG

The Largest Bluetooth Mesh Lighting Control Installation in the World

Teaming up with McWong International, Energy Management Collaborative (EMC) designed a luminaire-level lighting control solution to provide occupancy, scheduling, and vacancy control scenarios commonly used in tenant offices and open spaces. According to the case study, the installation required 3,685 Bluetooth mesh lighting controllers installed throughout 17 floors of a 470,000+ square-foot office building. See how this Bluetooth enabled solution provided energy savings in excess of 75 percent while supporting seamless user interaction across individual spaces. Read the case study.


North Bakersfield Toyota Lighting Upgrade by Linmore LED

This video shows you how North Bakersfield Toyota upgraded their indoor and outdoor lighting with Linmore LED light fixtures and UltraLink wireless controls with Silvair technology. Watch the video.

Elevating Patient Experience at UCHealth

Encompassing more than 60 floors across a dozen buildings, the UCHealth app combines Pointr’s Deep Location® technology, Bluetooth® beacons, indoor/outdoor wayfinding, and tie-ins with an electronic health records (EHR) system to elevate the patient experience. Download the case study.

SmartShepherd Improves Scalability for Their Smart Farming IoT Applications with Cassia’s Bluetooth Gateways

See how SmartShepherd partnered with Cassia Networks to enable real-time tracking and monitoring of livestock using Bluetooth® gateways and an IoT access controller. Download the case study.

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