From general proximity to high-accuracy positioning, Bluetooth® technology powers a range of reliable location services that enhance the visitor experience. According to the 2019 Bluetooth Market Update, location services is the fastest-growing Bluetooth solution area. Analysts forecast that by 2023, more than 431 billion locations services devices will ship annually.

As illustrated in this newly released infographic, a big push behind this surge in location services adoption has to do with the proliferation of Bluetooth in the smartphone. Whether it’s for indoor navigation, point of interest information, personal item finding, or keyless entry, smartphones have become the go-to engagement tool for popular location services that are playing a significant role in enhancing the visitor experience in smart buildings and smart cities.

Indoor Navigation

From shopping malls to sports stadiums to airports, Bluetooth location services help customers easily find their way around major facilities while seeing if a favorite restaurant or store is nearby. Giving visitors the fastest route to their destination also helps improve traffic flow and eliminates congestion in the building.

Point of Interest Information

Customer interaction and engagement is key to ensuring overall satisfaction. By creating interactive points of entertainment in venues like airports, museums, and tourist attractions, facilities can enhance the overall visitor experience. Using apps on their smartphones, visitors can learn about pieces of art, historical monuments, and other points of interest.

Personal Item Finding

With Bluetooth, there’s no need to worry over lost or misplaced items. While many use cases for Bluetooth trackers often revolve around the home, the applications are truly widespread. For example, by tagging personal valuables, travelers in an airport can quickly find their suitcase in baggage claim without needing to rely on staff for assistance. No more wondering which black suitcase is yours.


Keyless Entry

The days of fumbling for car keys while juggling bags of groceries, coffee, and smart devices are coming to an end. Thanks to Bluetooth, the smartphone can provide a secure phone-to-auto connection, unlocking a car on approach, whether it’s yours or a rental.

Download this new infographic and see how Bluetooth location services can boost staff productivity, enhance visitor experiences, and improve building operational efficiencies.


Bluetooth Location Services

See 8 use cases for enhancing building efficiencies and creating a better visitor experience, discover new data that supports the latest trends and forecasts, and find out what’s driving the rapid adoption of location services solutions.


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Bluetooth Location Services

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