RTLS in the Manufacturing & Logistics Industries

Manufacturing and logistics companies are a key part of the economy, producing and delivering products to both consumers and businesses. In many ways, the sector has always been a leader for innovation. For example, the introduction of mechanized production during the First Industrial Revolution, the expansion of electricity and the introduction of mass production during […]

Location Services - Making Buildings Smarter

Most people spend the vast majority, about 90% according to Forbes, of their day indoors, i.e. in artificial environments. At the same time, now more than ever, we are concerned about the impact that our lifestyle choices have on our health. As a result, we are starting to demand more from our indoor spaces, especially […]

Asset Tracking in the Morita Fire Truck Factory

Kokusai Kogyo Co. Ltd. (KKC), part of the Japan Asia Group, has introduced new products in its location-based service (LBS) platform, providing infrastructure for seamless positioning both indoors and outdoors, and for various types of visualizations, ranging from exhibition realtime matching and factory productivity improvement to disaster prevention information.

Breakdown or Breakthrough: Gaining Critical Machine Condition Insights with IoT Sensors

In Every Industry, The Same Problem: Weather and Wear Every company has the same problem when it comes to their mission-critical equipment: machine condition degrades with usage, and it’s critical to maintain that equipment well to prevent unplanned downtime and extend its lifespan. The methods of fighting this problem are also the same: machinery must […]

A Day at the Beach - Pushing Bluetooth Range to the Extremes

Bluetooth, now approaching its 12th generation at Bluetooth 5.2, has been carefully developed and segmented to cater to a growing number of use cases and applications. Bluetooth Class is the categorization which separates Bluetooth products by their transmit power, which has an effect on power consumption and overall range. They range from Class 1 (with […]

For Your Legacy Applications, Getting Smart Means Going Wireless

For OEMs of legacy equipment, the race is already on to find ways to capitalize on the wealth of valuable data already inherent in their existing designs. Manufacturers have devices out in the field with the potential to track, measure, or sense lots of valuable data. The challenge is in identifying what that data is, […]

Reducing Hospital Infections Dramatically

A Way to Reduce Hospital Infections Dramatically: Real-Time Locating Systems Can Make a Big Difference. Despite years of warnings about deaths and illnesses from hospital-acquired infections, they remain far too rampant. Hundreds of millions of people acquire HCAIs (health care–associated infections) each year, including 7 percent of hospital patients in developed countries and 10 percent […]

Active Monitoring with Beacons in the Healthcare Industry

Hospitals will purchase 10% to 20% more equipment than they actually require. This level of disorganization hurts patients, doctors, and administrators. That’s why Real-Time Location Systems are often used to ensure security, regulation compliance, and minimize lost resources. This white paper breaks down the most valuable tracking use cases in the healthcare industry.

Using Location Data to Enhance Customer Experience

Real-time locating systems (RTLS), based on affordable Bluetooth® tags, offer tremendous possibilities for optimisation and cost savings in the retail and hospitality industries. From supermarkets and restaurants to amusement parks and interactive museums, location-based services help companies across the world streamline their business processes, while transforming their customer experience.