Bluetooth LE and Cellular IoT Wearables Help Us Take Care of Our Pets

Since the 1970s, the role of pets in the family has changed. Back then, pets were pets, but now sociologists have found that more than eighty percent of dog owners consider their dog a fully-fledged family member, while more than seventy percent of cat owners feel the same (according to Phys Org).

Supply Chain Visibility: The Key to a Resilient and Agile Supply Chain

The modern world of commerce relies on the performance and operational efficiency of multiple, complex supply chains. Companies in the retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG), and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sectors are particularly affected by issues or problems with their supply chains. Achieving maximum supply chain visibility is an essential component in developing a resilient […]

Reinventing Retail in the Connectivity Age

Despite the surge in e-commerce both before and during the pandemic, physical retail still dominates, with $4 trillion passing through U.S. cash registers alone each year. By comparison, online sales are around $1 trillion. Not that the future of retail is offline or online, it’s both, but the key to success for physical retail in […]

EV Charger Connectivity Helps Automotive Market Drive to a Sustainable Future

To help meet climate targets, the world is transitioning from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs). The move to EVs, particularly if they can be recharged with renewable resources, eliminates emissions at the tailpipe and those associated with extracting and refining the fuel for conventional engines. In short, EVs promise a greener […]

Auracast™ Broadcast Audio Transforms Sound Sharing

The latest Bluetooth development may not yet be on everyone’s radar, but Auracast­™ broadcast audio is set to revolutionize sound sharing. By allowing an audio source device to broadcast to an unlimited number of receivers, this location-based broadcast application (with a user interface similar to Wi-Fi hotspots) could dramatically change how people consume content and […]

Silicon Labs Bluetooth Low Energy Devices Now Support Bluetooth Core Specification 5.4

The release of Bluetooth® Core Specification Version 5.4 earlier this year was met with a lot of excitement. Two features in particular, Periodic Advertising with Responses (PAwR) and Encrypted Advertising Data (EAD), have been enthusiastically received by the growing Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) market. In fact, annual Bluetooth ESL shipments are expected to be in […]

Bringing Digitisation to Manufacturing & Logistics with Location Services

In manufacturing, operations managers have to cope with a variety of logistical challenges. The leading issue is the lack of data visibility, which complicates everything from inventory management to shipment tracking. In the absence of end-to-end supply chain visibility, items are often misplaced throughout the different stages of production, and time is wasted trying to […]

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