How Can Bluetooth® Technology Enable Digital Transformation Across the Industrial IoT?

Internet of Things (IoT) have come to be synonymous with connected devices during this digital transformation within commercial and industrial enterprises. Bluetooth® wireless technology is at the forefront in tackling the challenges and requirements needed to operate in these environments. The market growth opportunity for Bluetooth® technology within industrial applications has untapped potential with an […]

Auracast Vision Catches Mainstream Wind at CES 2024 - Bluetooth LE Audio Highlights

At CES 2024 in Las Vegas earlier this year, LE Audio-enabled products were showcased in Bluetooth SIG’s Auracast Experience — their immersive experience featuring Le-Audio-enabled market-ready products. From hearing aids, listening accessories, TV streamers to the very first Auracast Broadcaster — the audio arena is no longer a concept of the future but a new […]

Inside the Next Generation of Efficient and Compact Power Management

Building an efficient power management system is one problem, designing it to be compact makes things even more challenging. Many IoT products are space constrained, yet conventional power management solutions typically comprise multiple chips—for example, voltage regulator, battery charger, fuel gauge, external watchdog, and hard reset—which take up precious space.

Revolutionizing Online Order Fulfillment: Managing Mis Shipments

Discover how Wiliot, an ambient Internet of Things (IoT) pioneer, is revolutionizing the online order fulfillment process for a leading e-commerce giant. In a collaborative effort to address supply chain challenges, Wiliot’s battery-free IoT Pixels and cloud-based analytics engine are reshaping the landscape of online order fulfillment.

How Ambient IoT Facilitates Effective Real-Time Carbon Footprint Tracking

The escalating global climate crisis and regulation is forcing enterprises around the world to confront the complex task of accurately calculating their carbon footprints. Real-time carbon footprint tracking is an essential component of an organization’s carbon emission reduction strategy. Companies can embed sustainability while also enjoying operational and financial benefits from effectively tracking their carbon […]

Doom running on Silicon Labs & Sparkfun Microcontrollers: A Quick Look

Doom has recently reached its 30th anniversary, yet it remains a masterpiece and a reference point for enthusiasts and developers, even after decades. Porting Doom to a microcontroller or RF system on a chip (SoC) is often very challenging, because typically the available RAM is much smaller the original DOOM requirements, which are at least […]

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