Bluetooth Low Energy Shifts Gears For Car Access

The automotive industry is experiencing a tremendous transformation driven by consumers’ desire to leverage their phone as a key. By using phone-as-a-key, you can now eliminate the need for a traditional key fob in your passive entry passive start (PEPS) system. Bluetooth Low Energy is a leading technology for this application because it is a versatile technology […]

Tags Are Not Beacons

This article discusses the main differences between two devices, Beacons and Tags, commonly used for Bluetooth®-based location systems. The aim is to highlight that even though Tags use similar hardware to their predecessors, Beacons, they are in fact very different as devices. The firmware, operational logic and usage differ significantly between the two different types […]

Q&A - OSRAM Partnership With Silvair: “For An Open System Solution”

As a technology partner of OSRAM, the Polish-American company Silvair has been providing the radio-based Bluetooth mesh technology for the HubSense lighting control system since 2019. Rafal Han, CEO and co-founder of Silvair, reveals the advantages of this technology and the important role it will play in the future.

How Bluetooth Low Energy Works: 21 Interesting Facts

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in Bluetooth Low Energy development, it’s always good to take a step back and revisit some of the basics and facts. In this post, I’ll be going through a list of 21 facts about Bluetooth Low Energy technology. You may know about all of these, but it’s always […]

Guaranteed Transit Quality with Wireless Shock and Environmental Sensors

ASPION found a solution to their needs in the Laird Connectivity BL652 module. Its Bluetooth + NFC combination proved to be a perfect wireless coupling for their application. Also, their use of the onboard microcontroller allowed them to develop event-driven functionality that saved battery life and produced excellent results. 

Yamaha Motors Improves Energy Performance and Operational Flexibility with Bluetooth Mesh Controls

Maximizing efficiency at its midwestern distribution center is an important business goal for Yamaha Motors. By implementing a SIG-qualified Bluetooth mesh control network with McWong’s TruBlu™ hardware and commissioning software tools along with its lighting upgrade, the company ensured flexibility for future operations as well as significant energy savings for today’s bottom line.

RTLS in the Healthcare Sector

Healthcare is a key pillar of modern societies. We place a high value on the healthcare industry because access to high-quality medical care has significantly positive effects on the lives of individuals and the health of the nations that those individuals live in. ダウンロード中 Download Now

Morita Fire Truck Factory Video Case Study

Morita has been developing firefighting technology for over a century. They built the first fire truck of Japan in 1917. Today, Morita is one of the key fire truck manufacturers globally and their Sanda Factory, a 57,000 square meter production site, produces around 700 fire trucks every year.