UW CoMotion Fundamentals for Startups 2020

Title: Latest Advancements in Bluetooth® Technology and its Rapid Growth in Non-Consumer Devices 

Presenter: Jim Katsandres, Director of Developer Relations, Bluetooth SIG 

Date and Time: 2 October, 12:00-1:00pm PST

Free Registration: comotion.uw.edu

DescriptionBluetooth is present on more IoT devices than any other communication technology. In this talk, Jim Katsandres from the Bluetooth SIG, the standards body for Bluetooth technology, will speak on the key Bluetooth low power technology advancements fueling its rapid adoption in non-consumer devices. This talk will cover enhanced range (greater than 1km), Angle of Arrival/Departure (AoA/AoD), mesh networking highly challenging environments like industrial, manufacturing buildings. It will also cover the use of Bluetooth technology to help with the safe return-to-work by reducing the spread of Covid-19 using exposure notification, contact tracing, social distancing and process monitoring. 

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About the Conference: 

Fundamentals for Startups is a weekly one-hour lecture series featuring notable experts who share startup-related information, experience, and insights with our entrepreneurial community. From raising capital to scaling to exit strategies, these seasoned guest speakers deliver valuable content designed to help startups and entrepreneurs thrive. Lectures are typically 30-40 mins, followed by open Q&A. 

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