Realcomm Webinar: Smart Building Strategies 3.0 (Part II)

The Role Of Health, Wellness And Productivity Going Forward 

Presenter: Simon Slupik, President & CTO, Silvair

About the Conference: 

Emerging from more than a year of the COVID pandemic, our buildings and workplaces are under pressure to provide a healthy, safe environment for employees, tenants and visitors. This entails new technologies as well as a rethinking of traditional building operations and maintenance processes. Many of these IoT and touchless technologies also require integration with existing, as well as a more modern data and communications. Now more than ever, we are in an environment where operating costs need to be balanced against the occupant’s experience. In this session, we examine the anatomy of the 21st century post-pandemic smart building and discuss some of the potential “side effects” caused by the increased complexity. 
To operate a healthy building beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, building owners and tenants are evaluating behavioral, spatial, material, and operational strategies to protect the welfare and privacy of building occupants. This session discusses the importance of long-term health and wellness strategies. 

Bluetooth is a gold sponsor of this webinar. 

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