Embedded IoT World 2021

Bluetooth® Technology: The Swiss Army Knife of Low-Power Wireless Technologies

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Presenter: Mohammad Afaneh, Sr. Developer Relations Manager – Americas, Bluetooth SIG

Date and Time: 29 April, 2:35pm PST


In the past two decades, since its inception, Bluetooth® technology has undergone many enhancements and changes that have allowed it to adapt to current and future market needs.

While most associate Bluetooth technology with wireless audio streaming applications, it has recently adapted to provide a wide range of flexibility for developers to utilize it for a wide variety of applications across consumer, commercial and industrial use cases.

Some of the important new and upcoming features are:

  • Long-range mode
  • High-speed mode
  • Direction finding: Angle of Arrival and Angle of Departure
  • Bluetooth mesh networking
  • The upcoming release of LE Audio

This talk will give a brief introduction to these recent enhancements and explore the different ways Bluetooth technology has adapted to provide developers with the flexibility to develop solutions that address applications in different industry verticals.

About the Conference: 

The rapid development of IoT applications is stimulating a new evolution in the embedded systems market.  

Embedded IoT World is a virtual event for the doers. The ones using embedded technologies to bring end-to-end IoT solutions to life. 

Over two days, you will have access to extended, in-depth sessions, workshops, and roundtables led by technical experts. You will take away new insights and tools to overcome your biggest implementation challenges. 

Bluetooth is a silver sponsor of the virtual conference.

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